About KapTours

The first stop on your dream trip to Israel starts with our selection of Israel Tours, Jewish Heritage Tours and Holy Land Tours, letting you choose to experience Israel in your own way.

We offer varying itineraries for each of our tours focusing around regions and destinations, sites and landmarks, and timeframes for your stay. Our tours offer options of hotels, ranging from tourist to super deluxe; our goal is to make your travel affordable for you, working on the budget that works for you. Prior to your trip we help you with Israel's travel requirements. Hotels, meals, in-country transportation and entertainment are planned for you. At the same time, you can take advantage of a "leisure day" should you wish to visit a destination not on your tour's itinerary, spend some time exploring on your own or maybe visiting family in Israel.

While KapTours knows the importance of focusing on details when planning a trip, we strive to go beyond itineraries and preparations - we want your Israel trip to be a wonderful and memorable adventure. Michelle Blacher Kaplan, General Manager of KapTours, Inc, has based her career on creating dreams trips to Israel and other destinations, working with both groups and individuals. With 20 years of experience in the travel industry, Michelle has first-hand knowledge of planning trips from both inside and outside the country. Whether it's your first or tenth trip, Michelle focuses on details and specific interests by offering tours that will fulfill your dream of being in Israel.

We invite you to look at our tour options. Also, we can customize trips to meet your specific travel wishes. Please contact us about your Israel adventure.